The World of Art Knives
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Darom, David

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  • This book is the 1st stand-alone volume that is devoted to the wondrous world of modern handcrafted Art Knives, conceived and published by Dr. Darom. It is also the 7th large art book that he created on the subject. It was created to honor the gifted knifemakers as well as the knife collectors who lovingly promote this art around the world. This Knife Art is displayed by the author in high quality full color, meticulously created photographic setups. In this book, the author presents fully illustrated studies of modern art knives, and displays over 520 of some of these most sought after contemporary art creations. Many of the knives exhibited here are usually hidden from the public eye in world-class custom knife collections all over the world. One such private collection is displayed here. The author also presents in-depth profiles of several greatly admired knifemakers of this era, telling their stories and displaying their amazing art in high quality full color composite illustrations.
  • Published in 2010, mint condition