William F. Moran, JR. "Forever a Legend"
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Moran, Bill

  • Steve Shackleford and Francesco Pachi have collaborated in this wonderful work of literature about Bill Moran, unarguably the most influential knife smith of the 20th century. This book is filled with details about Bill and his life of knife making. Sometimes funny, often unusual, and always informative, these details give the reader a deeper understanding of the workings behind a tireless promoter of custom knives, especially the hand-forged variety.
  • While informative about the man, the focus of this book is about the works of art he created. Hundreds of beautiful photographs by Francesco Pachi grace the pages of the book, as well as many color and black and white photographs of Bill at the forge and at home. Each photograph is followed by a well-written description by Steve Shackleford.
  • Anyone with an interest in bladesmithing or the Moran legacy will enjoy this book.
  • 272 pages
  • Mint condition