Prototype Kube DA
SKU: CFF-7220

Fogarizzu, Antonio

  • 3 1/2" blade of stainless steel, fine satin finish, 8 3/8" opened length
  • Titanium frame and bolsters
  • Carbon fiber scales have yellow and rose gold inlays and are inset into the titanium frame and bolsters inside a thin stainless steel setting
  • Stainless steel back strap
  • This outstanding knife has 2 unusual mechanisms. The first is the locking mechanism which works in the open and closed position and requires pushing forward lightly on the left hand bolster. The second changes the knife from a California automatic, to a full automatic, and entails depressing the pin behind the right hand bolster, then rotating that bolster 90 degrees counter clockwise while the knife is in the open position. This turns on the full auto mechanism. Reversing the turn in the open position will return it to California auto.
  • Mint condition