Shinshinto Period Yoroi Toshi

Haru, Sada

  • 8 9/16" (21.8cm) blade length, 13/32" (1.05cm) thick, and 15/16" (2.4cm) width at Hamachi
  • This blade style is fairly rare, with a somewhat triangular shaped cross section
  • Blade has a fine Masama Hada (parallel grain lines) with Nie (large martensitic crystals)
  • The hamon is Ko Midari (small and undulating) and continues back from the point along the spine of the blade for a little over 5" (12 cm)
  • Habaki is copper with a textured silver wrap
  • Includes mounting shirasaya
  • Dates to 1863, outstanding condition
  • The blade was made by Sada Haru, a respected smith of the Gassan school and a direct student of Gassan Sadayoshi, one of the premier smiths of the Shinshinto period.