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Donald, Josh

  • This informative book covers nearly all of the details a person needs to know regarding cutlery. With a section on the history of knives and mankind, several sections on the types of knives used in the different regions of the world and their differences, a comprehensive section on sharpening with photos showing techniques that can be used for many different types of knives and maintenance of the sharpening equipment, and a section on techniques for using knives, with dicing, chopping, slicing methods and what they each should be used for. Many of the precise cut are shown in the last section which includes recipes from professional chefs from around the world. 
  • Josh Donald of Bernal Cutlery, has done a fantastic job of making this book an easy to read teaching guide, with plenty of details, making it a great addition to the library of any amateur or professional chef.
  • 256 pages with color photographs and diagrams throughout.