Randall Knives Special Orders

The knives exhibited on our Randall Knives Special Orders page are examples of what can be ordered for future delivery.  All orders placed online will require a $40 deposit, with your balance due when your knife is ready for shipment. We will get back to you immediately with an invoice confirming your deposit and estimated completion date.  

We can also customize your order with the options you want on your Randall knife.  Custom orders should be placed by calling us at 208-202-2913.

We are currently accepting orders with an expected delivery in 7 to 8 months.

Model 1 "All Purpose Fighting Knife"
Model 2 "Fighting Stiletto"
Model 3 "Hunter"
Model 4 "Big Game & Skinner"
Model 4-6" Fighter
Model 5 "Camp & Trail"
Model 6 "Carving Set"
Model 7 "Fisherman-Hunter"
Model 8 "Trout & Bird"
Model 11 "Alaskan Skinner"
Model 12 "Little Bear Bowie"
Model 12 "Small Sportsman’s Bowie"

Model 13 "Small Arkansas Toothpick"
Model 14 "Attack"
Model 15 "Airman"
Model 16 "Diver’s Knife"
Model 17 "Astro"
Model 18 "Attack-Survival"
Model 19 "Bushmaster"
Model 20 "Yukon Skinner"
Model 21 "Little Game"
Model 22 "Outdoorsman"
Model 23 "Gamemaster"

Model 24 "Guardian"
Model 25 "Trapper"
Model 26 "Pathfinder"
Model 27 "Trailblazer"
Model 28 "Woodsman"
Nordic Knives Special Bowie
Cattleman & Yachtsman
Chef's Knife
Combat Companion
Denmark Special
Sergeant's Model
Ward Gay Model 20