0731 Liner Locking Folder
SKU: CFF-7888

Saji, Takeshi

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  • 4 3/16" laminated steel blade, SG-2 core steel with Damascus outer layers, 9 1/4" opened length
  • Black G10 scales
  • Stainless steel liners and back spacers
  • Includes original box
  • Mint condition
  • This folding knife by Saji, one of Japan's best smiths, is made in the Takefu District of Echizen, where some of the best Samurai swords were made. These are made with a core of SG-2 Steel and laminated with a stainless steel. They reach a Rockwell hardness of 63-64 and are so tough they can be sharpened to a 16 degree angle without fear of chipping.  Edge holding is reputably phenomenal. Perfect for every day carry or a personalized steak knife.