"California Dagger" #01
SKU: CAF-847

Hancock, Tim

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  • 6" blade of ATS 34, satin finish, 11" overall length
  • Nickel silver hilt and handle wrap with gold spacer and engraving by BRYAN BRIDGES
  • Mastodon ivory scales with 18K gold pins and shields
  • Felt-lined nickel silver sheath with 18K gold frog and engraving by BRYAN BRIDGES
  • This knife is featured in David Darom's book "Tim Hancock The Western Bladesmith" pages 102 and 103 and is the first California Dagger that Tim made. It won Best Fixed Blade Knife at the 2001 Arizona Knife Collector's Show and that award plaque is included.
  • Near mint condition (there is light scratching on back side of sheath)