Catalog Daisho with Kozukas
SKU: CF-4829

Hartsfield, Phill

This product is no longer for sale

  • Katana has a 26 1/8" blade, 36 1/4" overall length
  • Wakizashi has an 18 1/2" blade, 26 3/4" overall length
  • Both blades are double ground from 1/4" stock and have beautiful matching  hamons
  • Matching file worked steel tsubas
  • Cord wrapped handles with cast 14K gold eagle menukes
  • Includes a pair of all steel kozukas single ground from 1/16" stock  with file worked handle spines.
  • Includes a metal lined leather clip sheath which will fit both kozukas side by side
  • The kozukas can also both be stored in the wakizashi sheath, one on each side
  • Includes a copy of Phill's catalog which features this sword set on the cover and as items #51 and #52
  • Mint condition