Golden Eagle, Golden Boar, Golden Bear Set
SKU: CF-4775


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  • 9 3/8" blades of hand forged stainless steel, mirror polish, 14 1/8", 14 5/8", and 15 1/2" overall lengths
  • Cast brass hilts and pommels
  • Black micarta scales and handles
  • Serial #'s 3663, 0433, and 0681
  • Includes felt lined wood and glass display box
  • Mint condition
  • The Golden Eagle is an authentic recreation of a bayonet dagger designed for the German military in the early 1900's. It was made using the original forging dies which were rediscovered and released in 1988.
  • The Golden Boar is a recreation of a WWI German Officer's Elite "Special Forces" Dagger.
  • The Golden Bear was created to commemorate a rare and magnificent bear taken in the 1920's in the Carpathian Mountains. Its designer owned a knife factory in Solingen Germany where the original of this knife was first made.