Kanbun Era Wakizashi


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  • 15.7" (40.9cm) blade length, 1/4" (0.657 cm) thick, and 1.19" (3.01 cm) width at Habaki, 0.84" (2.14 cm) width at the tip, 0.36" (0.9 cm) curvature (Sori), 23" (58.43 cm) overall length with Koshirae
  •  Blade has a dense koitame with jinie (frosty look) or itame (wood grain) which appears as zanguri (coarse texture).
  • Hamon is suguha (straight style) and is clean and bright
  • Includes beautiful Koshirae (mountings), carved silver habaki, shakudo (copper and gold alloy) fittings with gold inlays, and black ribbed, lacquered and highly polished saya.
  • Kozuka has a bamboo blade
  • This sword has been certified by NBTHK (The Society for the Preservation of Japanese Art Swords) with a Tokubetsu Hozon rating (a very precious sword especially worthy of preservation)
  • Kunikiyo is a Jo-Saku/Juyo rated smith and is considered among the upper level of sword makers. His swords were rated Wazimono (extremely sharp)
  • Kunikiyo is from the Echizen province and first signed his swords Kunimune, and later Kinikiyo 2nd Generation. This sword is signed "Echizen no ju Shimosaka Kunikiyo"
  • Dates to the Kanbun era between 1661 and 1673
  • This beautiful sword is in excellent condition