Period Style Bowie
SKU: CHR-987

Rybar, Raymond and Armenta Brothers

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  • 8 3/4" blade of laminated steel, with 52100 ball bearing core steel, true wrought iron outer layers, and mosaic bear paw inlay, 14 3/4" overall length
  • File worked sterling silver ferrule and collar with Native American styled stamping
  • Hilt is forged from an early trans-continental railroad spike with a forged bison head
  • Crown stag handle has a carved eagle head with turquoise eyes, fancy filed sterling silver inlay in the crown with a blued steel mosaic bison onlay
  • Sheath is bison rawhide lined with brain tanned deer ski and covered with bison split, with buffalo tooth, bear claw, and glass trade bead drops
  • This knife is a collaboration between Raymond Rybar and Bo and Vincent Armenta, 2 full-blood Native American Chumash. The Armenta brothers laminated the steel, while Raymond forged it to shape, heat treated, and give it a period style finish.
  • Includes a booklet published about the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash, and information about Raymond Rybar and his accomplishments as a blade smith