Prototype World Trade Center Piston Lock Folder
SKU: CFF-7497

Lake, Ron

This product is no longer for sale

  • 2 7/8" blade of ATS 34, satin finish, 6 5/8" opened length
  • Nickel coated aluminum frame
  • Bronze scales with steel I-Beam inlays
  • The bronze scales for this knife were recovered from the WTC Plaza Sphere and has been left in it's distressed form. The steel inlays are also from the WTC building, and were cut into the I-Beam shape by Ron to represent the strength of Americans and the process of rebuilding. The 8 notches in the pivot represent the 7 buildings and the bronze sphere that were destroyed on September 11 2001.
  • Heat colored LAWKS secondary locking mechanism designed by RON LAKE and MICHAEL WALKER
  • Checkered stainless steel piston lock
  • One of 8 unsharpened prototype knives made
  • Made in 2005, near mint condition (there is a single small scratch on the front of the handle frame)