Shinshinto Period Otanto

Munetsugu, Koyama

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  • 13" (33.0cm) blade length, .23" (.58cm) thick and 1" (2.54cm) width at Hamachi
  • This blade has a beautiful O itame Hada which is a larger wood grain pattern
  • The hamon  is a gunome midare pattern with ashi
  • Beautiful horimono (carving) on both sides of blade by Sokan
  • Habaki is copper with a gold wash and zig zag pattern
  • Includes mounting shirasaya and storage bag
  • This sword has Tokubetsu Kicho Token papers with Juyo ranking (highest category)
  • Flawless condition (any spots on in the photographs are small wood fragments from the shirasaya)
  • Koyama Munetsugu was one of the preeminent smiths of the Shinshinto period (1790 to 1874). He was a student of Chounsai Tsunatoshi before creating his own school and going on to train many prominent smiths, most notably Teiryusai Munehiro (Sokan)