Shinshinto Period Tanto


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  • 10" (25.4cm) blade length, 0.2" (0.53cm) thick, 1.09" (2.76cm) width at Hamachi, 0.15" (0.4cm) curvature (Sori), 14.38" (36.53cm) overall length with shirasaya tsuka
  • Blade has fine grained koitame with jinie (frosty look)  and muji (no grain visible) in some areas
  • Hamon is gunome midare (uneven wave pattern) with choji midair (clove shaped) and has Ko-nie (tiny crystals)
  • Sword is stored in shirasaya and has beautiful Koshirae (mountings), iron hamadashi tsuba with engraved leaves and flowers along the edge with gold and silver plating, silver plated mountain pigeon menuki with gold accents, iron fuchikashira with beautiful gold plated dragonflies (a favorite of samurai, known as a victory insect capable of fast agile flight with the ability to hover and never known to fly backwards or retreat), lacquered and highly polished saya with gold plated kojiri
  • Kozuka has gold plated handle with gold and silver plated running and leaping horses
  • Includes complete Oshigata (sword tracing)
  • This sword has been certified by NBTHK with a Jyo Jyo saku rating (Exceptionally well made and a precious sword worthy of preservation)
  • Muneshige was a top Ichimonji smith and likely studied under Norimune, a very prominent smith in the Hitachi province. Has many characteristics of a Yokoyama Sukekane sword.
  • Dates to the Shinshinto era between 1781 and 1876
  • This beautiful sword is in outstanding condition and has a truly beautiful hamon and Koshirae
  • Package includes Tanto with NBTHK Hozon papers in Shirasaya, complete with Koshirai and whole Oshigata.