"The Gambler" Automatic Dagger
SKU: CFF-8350

Dailey, George

  • 4 1/4" Damascus steel blade, 10" opened length
  • Fancy filed blade spine
  • Fluted Damascus steel bolsters with decorative domed gold pins and diamond inlays
  • Stainless steel release lever with diamond inlays
  • Fluted fossil walrus ivory scales with gold liners, spacers, and dice inlays, with sapphire inlays in the spacers and diamond inlays in the dice
  • Fancy filed and anodized titanium liners
  • Fancy filed stainless steel back strap with gold and diamond inlays and carved extended tang pommel
  • In total there are 26 diamond inlays and 20 sapphire inlays
  • Near mint condition (the anodization has been removed from the exposed portion of most of the liners, still visible near the front and back of the handle)