SKU: CF-5322

Hancock, Tim

  • The following is Tim's description, taken directly from the 2011 Art Knife Invitational catalog
  • The 18" blade is multifaceted and fuller cut the full length. The mix of steel is 1080, 15N20, and Ni 200. I manipulated this pattern to obtain an undulating border along the cutting edge. The furniture is all hot blued iron and sterling silver. The guard is recessed front and back and dot punched inside the rope file worked outer lip. The ferrules on the handle and sheath have silver star accents overlaid on textured background areas. The handle and sheath are covered in stingray skin and highlighted with black lacquer. The handle is wrapped with fine leather cord to obtain a warm and secure grip. The sword comes with a soft black leather carry pouch with tie string and matching concho. 100% sold authorship.
  • Mint condition